ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, James Cameron offers an update on the 'Avatar' sequels, the first images from the 'Mission: Impossible 5' set arrive, and the 'Dead Rising' movie gets a director.

FEATURED: James Cameron rhapsodizes about the upcoming 'Avatar' sequels in a new Variety article:

There's nothing I need to say as an artist about the state of the world and human affairs that I can't do through the lens of the 'Avatar' universe. We've had a couple of years to think through the story arc of the next three films, and every day that goes by, I believe in the stories I'm telling more and more. We're not coming out of the block fast to capitalize on the last film.


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- The director of 'Leprechaun: Origins' will helm the 'Dead Rising' movie. [The Wrap]

- Jojo Moyes will adapt her novel 'One Plus One' for the big screen. [THR]


- The first photos from the set of 'Mission: Impossible 5' have begun to trickle online... [Coming Soon]

- A new, super-long trailer for 'Gotham' has arrived!

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- 'Prometheus,' 'Predator' and 'Alien' are all crossing over ... in a new comic book.

- Yep, that's Superman all right.