ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, 'Resident Evil' prepares for its final chapter, the 'Avatar' sequels officially begin ramping up, and Steven Seagal lambasts 'The Expendables.'

FEATURED: The title of the next 'Resident Evil' movie is supposedly 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,' which means it's either an ending or a lie. Said director Paul W.S. Anderson:

'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' is the working title.  It may end up being the final title, but that’s what’s written on the front page of my script… I’m right in the middle of [the first draft].

Collider has the full story.


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DC Comics

- Colin Firth has dropped out of voicing 'Paddington.' [EW]

- Batman: Arkham Knight said to be coming in January 2015. [ArcadeSushi]

- Directors Kathryn Bigelow and Todd Field are planning dueling Bowe Bergdahl biopics. [Deadline]

- The 'Powerpuff Girls' are returning with a new series in 2016. [Time]

- Albert Brooks is in talks to voice a role in 'Pets.' [The Wrap]

- Sienna Miller has signed onto 'Chef' (no relation to that other 'Chef' movie). [Variety]

- 'Straight Outta Compton' has cast two more leads. [Billboard]

- Anna Kendrick will provide the lead voice for 'Trolls.' [Vulture]


- The Zach Braff-produced 'Video Games: The Movie' has a trailer.