ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, learn all about a huge subplot cut from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' check out a brand new 'Simpsons' character revealed through a mobile game, and watch the latest footage from 'Edge of Tomorrow.'

FEATURED: Rogue had a huge subplot in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' that hit the cutting room floor. SPOILERS ahead.

Rogue’s appearance in the film was reshaped several times during post-production. In the film, Wolverine inadvertently hurts Kitty Pryde and weakens her time travel abilities, putting the heroes’ plan in jeopardy. In the final cut, Kitty simply powers through her injury, but in the initial script, Rogue was brought in to absorb Kitty’s power and keep Wolverine’s consciousness in the past.

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