In terms of casts, Shane Black’s The Predator might take the Oscar for Most Anticipated Team-Up of Fantastic Actors in an Action Movie. It already has Olivia Munn, Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Boyd Holbrook, and Sterling K. Brown, and now it’s poised to add another: none other than the Punisher himself, Thomas Jane.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane is in final negotiations to join Shane Black’s sequel/reboot/rebooquel in an undisclosed role. Most of the rest of the cast — Key, Rhodes, and Holbrook — are playing ex-Marines, so maybe Jane is slated to play a fellow soldier. He could also be a comrade of Brown’s character, who takes Holbrook’s jarhead into custody before realizing that he might need the soldiers’ help to defeat this extraterrestrial big game hunter. We also know that Munn will be a scientist in the movie, so maybe Jane is a fellow researcher who studies biology form outer space. We just don’t know! Isn’t it exciting?

THR also seems to think that there will be more than one Predator in the movie. Black’s film will feature “an array” of the aliens, so it sounds like their invasion of Earth is more of a safari than a solo outing. Hopefully for them they know what they’re getting into, because Jane and his comrades are probably ready to dish out quite a punishment.

The Predator will begin production next month in Vancouver.

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