When you watched the Ride Along movies, what did you think to yourself? Did you think, perhaps, that the director of such movies would do well at the helm of an adaptation of a book about an anthropomorphic teddy bear? If you did, that’s a little weird, but you’re getting your wish, as CBS Films has hired Tim Story to direct an adaptation of the children’s book Corduroy.

Corduroy is a simple enough story of a bear in green overalls who loses his button, and embarks on an adventure through his department store to find the button and the family he’s always wanted. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Story has signed on to helm the project, which is still in very early development stages.

At the beginning of the book, Corduroy is almost bought by a young girl named Lisa and her mother, before her mother sees that he’s missing his button and convinces her daughter to leave him on the shelf. The bear knows he has to find the button in order to find a home. The book, written by Don Freeman during the civil rights era in 1968, was particularly groundbreaking for making both Lisa and her mother black.

Story is known for directing the Ride Along films as well as comedies like Barbershop and Think Like a Man (and the first two Fantastic Four movies, but we don’t talk about those). He’s a versatile director who’s proven himself in the superhero, action-comedy, and straight up comedy genres, so taking on a children’s story might not be that farfetched of a plan. Let’s hope it goes better than StudioCanal’s ill-fated Paddingtonabout the other anthropomorphic clothes-wearing bear. From the looks of it, a Corduroy feature film would probably have more of a Night at the Museum feel.