It's easy to get angry about a remake, but it's harder to get angry about a remake of a remake. Especially a remake of something that's been remade several times. Word is that MGM has Tom Cruise attached to head up a new version of 'The Magnificent Seven,' a film that was based on Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven Samurai.'

'Seven Samurai' is well worn cinematic territory, being appropriated by 'Magnificent Seven,' but also reworked into the science fiction film 'Battle Beyond the Stars.' And - arguably - 'Three Amigos,' 'The Road Warrior' and most definitely 'A Bug's Life' borrowed from the story of hired gunmen brought in to protect a village from a horde of invaders. It's easily one of the most remade films of all time.

This comes from Variety, and they report that MGM is happy to remake any of their hit catalog titles, which they're doing or have done with 'Red Dawn,' 'Robocop,' 'Carrie,' Wargames' and 'Poltergeist.' Currently this project has no director or writer, so it's going to be a while, and it could go the way of the proposed 'Dirty Dozen' remake, which was also an MGM title at one point (Warner Brothers released the Blu-ray). And though this trend is not great, it's no surprise as so many have already been remade (from 'The Fog' to 'The Manchurian Candidate') or have stalled out in development ('Escape From New York').