The only constants in this world are death, taxes, and Megatron returning from the dead for another Transformers movie.

Sure enough, director Michael Bay teased on Instagram the start of production on Transformers: The Last Knight and also teased the return of, you guessed it, Megatron. He’s back! In Instagram form!

Megatron also appears to have tusks, so get ready for the sad cover version of the Fleetwood Mac classic in the teaser trailer for Transformers: The Last Night, whenever that comes out.

Megatron, the iconic leader of the evil Decepticons appeared in the first Transformers. Then he came back in Revenge of the Fallen. Then he came back again in Dark of the Moon. Then he came back again again in Age of Extinction, where he transformed (because Transformers) into Galvatron. He was voiced by Hugo Weaving in the first Transformers trilogy, and then by veteran voice actor (the original Megatron from the Transformers cartoon show) in Age of Extinction. Who will voice him this time out is anyone’s guess. If I get to choose my Megatron voice, I would pick Nicolas Cage or Nick Jonas. Definitely a Nick of some kind.

Also returning for The Last Night are Mark Wahlberg as the awesomely named Cade Yeager, and Josh Duhamel, one of the elite human soldiers from the first three Bay Transformers movies. And, of course, Optimus Prime, voiced by the venerable Peter Cullen. He always comes back too.

Transformers: The Last Knight rumbles into theaters on June 23, 2017.