Most of the time, cosplay is simply geek exhibitionism at its finest, a chance for someone to pay tribute to a character they love and to make other fans of said character happy. But that's not every case.

The Cybertronic Spree's elaborate 'Transformers' cosplay is a part of their act. Yep, they're probably the only band in the world that dresses like Autobots and performs songs from the 'Transformers: The Movie' soundtrack.

The Cybertronic Spree's lineup consists of Hot Rod on bass/vocals, Unicron on Guitar, Arcee on keyboard/vocals, Spike Witwicky on guitar/vocals and Rumble on drums. Thankfully, these aren't the over-designed Transformers from Michael Bay's recent monstrosities, but the simple, clean and cartoonish "robots in disguise" from the beloved animated series.

The group recently made their grand debut during Nerd Noise Night at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario with a set that consisted of "Instruments of Destruction" and the legendarily cheesy/amazing "The Touch." It's surreal; seeing the classic Transformers taking on these '80s-tastic songs is enough to blow the mind of any geek of a certain age. Thankfully, cameras were on hand to film it all:

Who are these guys? Their Facebook profile is intentionally vague (their hometown is listed as "Cybertron"), and if they've publicly discussed the band's origins or the process of building their impressive costumes, it's not easy to find. Perhaps this is for the best. This way, there's an air of mystery around the Cybertronic Spree -- when you hire them for a gig, you're not getting musicians in Transformers costumes, you're getting Transformers who play instruments. That's totally crazy ... and totally cool, of course.