As if the jokes about 'Two and a Half Men's increasingly misleading title weren't prevalent enough with series star Angus T. Jones' growing older (he's 19 now), the long-running CBS comedy may well have just become "Two and a Half Chromosomes." New reports reveal that season 11 will add a young female series regular as a replacement of sorts for Angus T. Jones...none other than Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen)'s long lost daughter!

CBS staple 'Two and a Half Men' already survived a major shakeup in replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher, so what's one more cast member, right? Deadline has reported that the Chuck Lorre sitcom has begun casting the role of a new series regular for the 11th season, intended to act as something of a replacement for Angus T. Jones' Jake Harper, who will take a reduced role next season following the actor's religious outbursts about the show.

Rather than another "half man" however, the new role will be that of Charlie Harper's previously-unknown daughter, who arrives to Walden and Alan's home in search of her father, eventually coming to live with them. No casting has yet been observed for the role, but producers have described the role as being in her late teens or early 20s.

Well, what say you? Has 'Two and a Half Men' become a different show entirely with the addition of a female regular? How much longer should the series continue?

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