While Miles Teller keeps gaining traction post-'The Spectacular Now' with films like 'Whiplash' and the upcoming 'Fantastic Four,' the 'Two Night Stand' trailer reminds us how much he loves those bro-humor-filled rom-coms. Remember 'That Awkward Moment'? Well, you'll see elements of that in here.

In fact, based solely on the 'Two Night Stand' trailer, it seems like we've already seen everything about this film before. It looks like a combination of 'Walk of Shame' (shenanigans ensue after a woman has a one-night stand, only to then fall in love with her hookup), 'That Awkward Moment' (the guy falls in love with the girl after a seemingly casual encounter) and even 'Friends With Benefits' (for obvious reasons).

The deal with 'Two Night Stand' is that there's this girl (played by Analeigh Tipton, who I'll never stop reminding you was the third runner up on 'America's Next Top Model' cycle 11 before going on to star in films like 'Warm Bodies') who sets up a one-night stand to climb out of her sexual rut. When she wakes up the morning after, a snowstorm has trapped her in the apartment of her hookup (Miles Teller), and the two end up having -- wait for it -- a two-night stand.

'Two Night Stand' will hit theaters on August 22, and we can only hope there's more to this film beyond the trailer.