'The Expendables' films give Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme something neither have had in a long time: Films that play in American theaters. That doesn't mean they haven't been working, though with the death of most chain video stores, their wares are harder to find. Both join fellow 'The Expendables 2' alum Scott Adkins for a follow up to their 1992 film 'Universal Soldier' in this 'Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning' trailer.

This appears to be the fourth sequel to the 1992 film, though there were two TV movies done in the late 90's that featured Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey, but neither Van Damme or Lundgren. Of course Dolph Lundgren was given an over the top death in the first film, but he also came back for the second sequel 'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' so it's likely his survival has been explained away.

The film comes from John Hyams, who also directed 'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' and 'Dragon Eyes,' which also stars Van Damme. The way the industry works now even if 'The Expendables 2' is a hit it's unlikely these guys will be pulled out of the Direct to Video industry, or VOD as it's now known, but this is supposed to have something of a theatrical bow. Vern talked to Hyams, who said that "It will play at Fantastic Fest in September, then will be on the video-on-demand October 26th and in theaters in the US November 30th"