For a series already mired in turmoil behind the scenes over two season, 'Up All Night' gave what very likely could prove the series' death knell last week, as series star Christina Applegate quit before the show shifted production toward a three-camera sitcom. At the time, NBC reportedly considered re-casting Applegate's role, or further re-tooling the show to work without Reagan Brinkley, but now the network seems to have a clearer plan. Rather than shooting five episodes in the new three-camera format, the series will shoot only one more episode, but will the series continue without Applegate?

Late last week we heard the surprising news that the always-troubled 'Up All Night' had undergone its most visible setback yet, as series star Christina Applegate left production before the show could re-tool into a three-camera studio audience sitcom. And while NBC initially declined to comment on how the series would move forward if at all, Deadline has revealed that NBC plans to shoot one more episode of 'Up All Night,' its first under the new format, before making further decisions about the show's future.

Rather than re-casting Applegate's role however, the first episode will unfold without Applegate's character, directed by famed three-camera helmer James Burrows. Applegate's former co-stars Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett are reportedly receiving pilot offers in the wake of 'Up All Night's potential cancellation, but neither star has commented on the state of the series.

What say you? Do you think 'Up All Night' can continue on without Christina Applegate? Will you watch the show in its new three-camera format?