Though it doesn't release until March 29, 2013, marketing for 'The Host' has already begun. The second Stephenie Meyer ('Twilight') property to be adapted for the big screen is a sci-fi thriller starring Saoirse Ronan. Check out the star, as well as Meyer herself, discussing the film in this new video.

MTV took a trip down to the set in New Mexico for a look at the film, and sat down with star Saoirse Ronan ('Hanna') and author Stephenie Meyer for a little chat about what they're up to on set.

Thanks to 'Hanna,' Ronan is no stranger to action, and 'The Host' looks like it's putting her to task once again with some very physical work.

'The Host' tells the story of Melanie Stryder (Ronan), one of the last human souls in a world slowly being taken over by parasitic alien forces. Her consciousness is compromised when a life force called "Wanderer," a soul looking to join a rebellion against the aliens, tries to inhabit her mind. Stryder must work to ward off the imposing "Wanderer" and keep her identity intact.

The film is written and directed by Andrew Niccol ('In Time'), and co-stars Diane Kruger, Max Irons, and William Hurt.

Check out the set video below to get a little taste of what we can expect from 'The Host' when it hits theaters next year.