History’s Vikings are never at a loss for time jumps, and the second half of Season 4 will prove the most far-flung yet with an elder Ragnar returning to guide his now grown-up sons. As is that hectic production schedule, new footage has already arrived ahead of the full Comic-Con 2016 panel next week.

The latest look at the second half of Vikings Season 4 offers quick glimpses of all of the main characters, including regulars like Floki and Lagertha, along with Ragnar’s grown-up children (don’t pout, Ivar!) and the man himself, white and bearded. Worth noting, History confirms that where the clip originally referred to Vikings Season 5, the footage actually belongs to the remaining Season 4 episodes this fall

As such, no sign yet of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who joins Season 5 in a regular role. As was the case with Vikings Season 4, the fifth run will divide across an impressive twenty episodes split down the middle.

Further details will surely arrive with the Comic-Con 2016 panel (including a premiere date and full trailer from the footage above), but what make we of an elder Ragnar leading the second half of Vikings Season 4?

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