'The Wedding Crashers' was one of 2005's biggest movies and made over $200 Million - which was a surprise for an R-rated comedy. Well timed and with a great cast, the film starred Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and it's surprising that the two haven't worked together as co-leads again. So there should be some excitement in their re-teaming for 'The Internship,' which starts shooting this summer.

The film is to be directed by Shawn Levy, which may be the only drawback. To be fair, Levy grew as a filmmaker with 'Real Steel,' though it wasn't a hit domestically. And Levy taking on the project is a surprise because he had at least two projects in the wings before this announcement, a new take on Frankenstein written by Max Landis, and a remake of 'Fantastic Voyage' - which may have been sunk (for now) by 'Steel' not hitting domestically. 'Steel' was one of a number of recent films that had a script for the sequel commissioned before the film hit theaters. Perhaps Levy took 'Internship' on because it was quicker to launch.

The good news is the film comes from a script by Vaughn himself. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film is about two old-timey salesman left behind by the digital era, and so - to reinvent themselves - they get internships. This sounds ripe for the sort of jerky but amusing comedy that Vaughn has mastered. Expect it sometime in 2013, likely in the summer.

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