Any series that traffics in severed heads long enough will invariably get creative with their molds, as did a recent Walking Dead episode that saw Johnny Depp’s face making an unexpected cameo. Well, purveyor of all weird memorabilia, Norman Reedus evidently kept the celebrity trophy for himself.

Where previously The Walking Dead made use of Depp’s likeness as part of a sculpt for one of three severed heads featured in Season 6's “Not Tomorrow Yet,” Norman Reedus apparently requested to be able to keep some for his unusual collection. The head appears to adorn his dressing room now, joined by a Pink Panther blow-up doll.

We might want to check on Norman Reedus, guys.


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Shortly after the episode aired, executive producer (and another mold for severed heads) Greg Nicotero explained the Depp cameo:

One of the other heads, I don’t know if I’m going to get in trouble if I say this, was Johnny Depp. I think we had sculpted an emaciated version of a dummy head for something and we used Johnny Depp’s head as a basis just for a clay sculpt. I can’t remember who the third one is, but I’m in good company.

The head was intended to stand in for Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who himself was upgraded to series regular for Season 7, but isn’t likely to need a Depp impersonator anytime soon. The new season will premiere on October 23, so let’s see what other celebs get horribly murdered, and turned into Norman Reedus’ throw rug!

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