We've loved her since she was Jen on 'Dawson's Creek,' and Michelle Williams has become one of America's most significant leading ladies with her challenging dramatic roles in films like 'Blue Valentine.' In today's Way Back When, we take a look back on her earlier days as an unknown actress.


Michelle Williams' very first TV appearance was in this 1993 episode of 'Baywatch,' as a popular girl from Hobie's school (yes, there was a kid named Hobie) who didn't invite him to her party because she's busy, like, jogging and being pretty and stuff. But she thinks it's super cool that he always has sand in his shoes! More importantly, here's Michelle Williams in a bikini:


Williams went on to star in the 1994 'Lassie' movie with Tom Guiry (Smalls from 'The Sandlot'!). She's much more clothed this time around (sorry, you guys). In the clip below, Williams and Guiry discuss sheepdogs and sheep -- you know, the typical problems faced by the youth of the early '90s when they weren't playing with Pogs.

'Home Improvement'

On the show 'Home Improvement,' Williams played Jessica Lutz, Brad's new girlfriend -- a girl so pretty that Brad uses his mom's makeup to hide an unruly zit on his chin. We totally buy it. Michelle Williams is beautiful enough to make men do all kinds of crazy things -- like maybe that's why Zachary Ty Brian's hair looks so stupid.


Here's a movie from 1995 called 'Timemaster,' in which a young boy uses his time-traveling powers to stop evil virtual reality masters from a parallel universe who are trying to destroy our planet. Oh, and Pat Morita is there. So this movie has everything. Michelle Williams plays Annie, and you can see her in the trailer below, which is even more ridiculous considering it's in Spanish -- we doubt we'd know what the hell is going on in this movie even if it was in English.

'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later'

Shortly after making her debut on 'Dawson's Creek,' Williams starred in 'Halloween H20.' You know any trailer that starts with a Creed song means business. Are you guys ready for some serious brooding and redemption and stuff? Yeah! And people die! Williams starred alongside Josh Hartnett, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and... LL Cool J. So this was a thing that happened.