Spectre and The Peanuts Movie once again topped the weekend box office, but it's not like anyone offered any real competition. Despite a trio of newcomers, this weekend was all about letting those two films have a victory lap — no one wanted to release anything in the direct wake of James Bond and Charlie Brown. Their victory was always assured.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Spectre$35,400,000 (-50%)$9,010$130,700,000
2The Peanuts Movie$24,200,000 (-45%)$6,202$82,489,000
3Love the Coopers$8,400,000$3,227$8,400,000
4The Martian$6,725,000 (-26%)$2,412$207,407,000
5The 33$5,845,000
6Goosebumps$4,650,000 (-32%)$1,658$73,487,000
7Bridge of Spies$4,289,000 (-26%)$1,596$61,695,000
8Hotel Transylvania 2$2,350,000 (-35%)$1,281$165,244,000
9The Last Witch Hunter$1,500,000 (-42%)$1,014$26,076,000
10My All American$1,392,000$889$1,392,000


So, how strong are their weekend victories? Spectre is doing perfectly fine. With a second weekend haul of $35 million, it has now reached a strong $130 million. Not as strong as Skyfall, but strong enough that it should be the second highest grossing James Bond movie of all time within two weeks. Even if it doesn’t hit $300 million at the domestic box office (and it probably won’t), international grosses will boost it high enough for it to be an unqualified financial success.

In second place, The Peanuts Movie grossed $24 million, bringing its current total to $82 million. At this rate, $150 million is a sure thing. However, with The Good Dinosaur right around the corner, Charles Schultz’s iconic kids are about to meet some really stiff holiday competition. Pixar’s dinosaurs are probably going to stop this thing dead in its tracks. Charlie Brown can never catch a break.

Other box office veterans continued to perform admirably. The Martian crossed the $200 million mark this week and with a drop of only 26 percent, it may hang around for some time yet. Goosebumps and Bridge of Spies continued doing steady business, reaching $73 million and $61 million respectively (enough to make both of them solid hits). Hotel Transylvania 2 is about to call it a day with just under $170 million, but it’s also an unqualified success, having outgrossed the first film by a nice margin.

And that brings us to those three new releases, each of which landed with a thud. Love the Coopers was the best of the lot, opening in third place with $8 million, but it’ll be gone before you know it. The 33, riding low on almost no buzz whatsoever, landed in fifth place with only $5 million. My All American, which only opened in just over 1,500 theaters, stumbled into 10th place with only $1.3 million.

Next week sees the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, so Spectre’s run at the top is about to come to an end.

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