We've gathered the most absurd and, well, dumb news for you this week and put it all together in one convenient location for your reading pleasure. In this week's Dose of Ridiculous, we'll check in with Chevy Chase (again), Nicki Minaj, and oh, hey, it looks like that 'Mummy' reboot is still a thing.

Chevy Chase just can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to 'Community,' and this week the actor stuck his foot in his mouth yet again by referring to sitcoms as the "lowest form of television" and saying the only reason he's stuck around is because he likes his castmates and while the money isn't as good a movie money, it's steady enough to take care of his family... or, rather, his wife, who has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle where she travels all over the world from Antarctica to Machu Piccu. If Chevy Chase doesn't make enough money, how will his wife continue her Carmen Sandiego cosplay?! While most people are worried about putting food on the table, Chase is more concerned with whether or not his wife will get to go on fancy trips. Rich white dudes have it the worst, obviously.

But let's backtrack: sitcoms are not the lowest form of television. The lowest forms of television are as follows: TLC reality shows like 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' reruns of Tyler Perry's 'House of Payne,' Fox News, Nancy Grace, and tampon commercials. Sitcoms are actually enjoying a great period on television right now, and Chase is on one of the more exciting sitcoms on an excellent network, so maybe he should quit complaining about how he needs to afford trips for his wife to Peru or Australia or whatever, and maybe just do his job and be grateful for what he has. Or quit and move on to something else. Just saying.

Nicki Minaj reality show
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The E! Network is like the Oprah of giving people reality shows who don't need them. Well -- who needs a reality show? Anyway, the network has told Nicki Minaj to look under her seat because she's getting a (Oprah voice) REALITYYYY SHOOOOOOOW. It's not a traditional reality show, per se, but a series of specials that will follow Minaj through her personal life, which we imagine involves a lot of decisions about which day-glo colors go best with her hair and nails while some designer sits in the background building her next stage outfit out of found bits of plastic tarp and disemboweled stuffed animals. Somewhere, a hobo is a little colder at night.

The R&B/pop star prides herself on quirk and speaks in at least four different accents. Madonna only ever learned two. Between this new reality series and her upcoming stint as a judge on 'American Idol,' we're counting the days until Minaj-fatigue sets in and we all remember that time we thought about Lady Gaga a lot.

Since apparently those 'Mummy' films with Brendan Fraser weren't enough to make us never want to watch a mummy movie again (and that three day period where we briefly flirted with the idea of just giving up on movies because someone actively made those movies happen), Universal has decided to go ahead and give a reboot of the franchise yet another shot. Don't roll your eyes just yet -- there's more! 'Prometheus' scribe Jon Spaihts penned the script for the latest film, which we assume means we can expect lots of nonsense decision-making from our characters. Len Wiseman of 'Underworld' and 'Total Recall' remake fame will helm the latest iteration, so we're guessing: lots of ladies in vinyl, Kate Beckinsale will show up because her husband is making another movie, and CGI. Lots of CGI. Maybe the mummy will learn slow-motion martial arts moves and have guns and stuff. Maybe we just won't go to the theater that weekend. Maybe Brendan Fraser can make a friend.


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