From Gilda Radnor to Jane Curtin and Maya Rudolph, there's no denying that 'Saturday Night Live' has seen the upbringing of some legendary female comedic talent over the years.  Yet this past season, it's seemed like Kristen Wiig has shouldered quite a bit of the load, so with Wiig potentially in the twilight of her 'SNL' years, who might the show next turn to for some girl power?

Fear not!  Deadline TV reports that 'Saturday Night Live' head honcho Lorne Michaels has tested not one, but seven new girls in recent weeks to potentially join the cast, chief among them Kate McKinnon ('The Big Gay Sketch Show'), Jessica Joy ('The Playboy Club'), Lauren Lapkus ('Are You There, Chelsea?') and Elaine Carroll ('Very Mary-Kate').  Of course, the courting of Lauren Lapkus doesn't bode well for the future of NBC's 'Are You There, Chelsea?", but what these days does?

At the very least, Kate McKinnon will make her first appearance on the series this coming Saturday on the March 31 installment hosted by 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara.  McKinnon, if made regular, would also mark 'Saturday Night Live's first openly-lesbian cast member.  It's possible that Michaels may fold the other choices into future episodes as well.  Personally, we're voting for 'Very Mary-Kate!'

It remains uncertain whether Kristen Wiig will return for additional seasons of 'Saturday Night Live,' given her burgeoning film career with hits like 'Bridesmaids,' and the fact that her contract expires after the current season.  Likely, Wiig will announce her decision sometime over the summer.

What say you?  Do you approve of 'Saturday Night Live's much-needed injection of girl power, or is the series too long past its prime to care?  Which of the four ladies above would you most like to see made permanent?  Give us your picks in the comments below!