Here's an unlikely combination: 'CSI' star, William Petersen and the network that gave us 'Co-Ed Confidential' and 'Lingerie,' Cinemax. The HBO sister channel is partnering with Petersen on 'Hurt People,' an original scripted series and the latest attempt at bringing mainstream programming to the network loving referred to as "Skinemax."

'Hurt People' tells the story of hitman Hollis Brown (Petersen), hired by the crime family responsible for his wife's murder. In an interesting twist, Hollis is tasked with "hunting down his estranged daughter who is intent on destroying those responsible for her mother's death," reports Deadline. Aside from starring in the series, Petersen is also serving as executive producer on 'Hurt People.'

While cablers, AMC and Starz have been in the spotlight for their well-received original series, the network known for its "after dark" programming has been quietly transitioning into more mainstream fare. While 'Hurt People' is the first pilot ordered by Cinemax, the network has been airing British series, 'Strike Back,' and the  upcoming Alan Ball project, 'Banshee' and Melissa George vehicle, 'Hunted' went straight to series.

But fear not, Cinemax fans. Despite a promising slate of series featuring the fully-clothed, it doesn't appear the "Skin to the Max" network has plans to abandon its adult programming, any time soon.