We still don't know much about Monolithsoft's new game, X, but as a successor to Xenoblade, it certainly sounds like something we'd be interested in. The new trailer that was shown during the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct is pretty, but leaves more questions than answers. 

As you can see in the above footage, there's a mixture of mechs and monsters to keep players occupied in X. The entire game is open-world, and you can explore some great heights when flying around in one of the mechs.

X is due out sometime in 2014, but between now and then, we hope Nintendo and Monolithsoft have some actual details to share about gameplay and story. The developer has proven it can deliver compelling RPG experiences, and the Wii U could certainly use a powerful exclusive in that genre. Hopefully this partnership works out, and we'll all be praising X the same way we were Xenoblade just a short while ago.