Let's face it, not everything to come out of '2 Broke Girls' season 2 can catch our eye, given the abysmal reception its first season faced with TV critics, in spite of it's breakout ratings for CBS. But like it or not, we're always happy to see 'Party Down' and 'Veronica Mars' alum breaking out into network TV. So with the inevitable '2 Broke Girls' season 2 headed our way, just who might Ryan Hansen play?

Blonde on blonde action may be in our futures for '2 Broke Girls' season 2, but it's not as good as it sounds.  TVLine reports that former 'Party Down' and 'Veronica Mars' star Ryan Hansen will pick up a (potentially) recurring role in the show's sixth season, debuting around the season's sixth episode.

No mere waiter, however, Hansen will take the role of "Candy Andy," that of a well-mannered, "Willy Wonka"-like confectioner whom Max and Caroline meet in the course of selling their own product. Though Andy initially maintains something of a rivalry with the girls, the report intimates he might soon find himself sweetening to Beth Behrs' Caroline.

While Hansen won't appear until the sixth episode, '2 Broke Girls' season 2 will also see the official introduction of Caroline's long-discussed father, to be played by former 'Wings' star Steven Weber.

What say you? Is a 'Party Down' alum enough to get you interested in the second season of '2 Broke Girls'? Will the series fare any better in its new timeslot of Monday 9:00 p.m.?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below!