It's a good thing that only three years time will see the major cities of the world outfitted with flying cars, hover-boards and Pepsi Perfect kiosks at every corner cafe, because otherwise things might look fairly bleak.  Not only will '2 Broke Girls' likely still be on the air, but syndicated on a major cable network as well.

According to their latest press release, the comedy-centric TBS has acquired the rights to begin airing episodes of CBS' begrudging breakout series '2 Broke Girls' sometime in 2015.  The deal follows TBS' existing course by touting its possession of 'The Big Bang Theory' episodes, running multiple nights a week.

Reportedly, TBS was aggressive in pursuing the rights to the series, even after only having aired one season.  The rights to another CBS hit, 'Mike & Molly' will be up for bid later tonight, a sale likely announced next week and possibly going to TBS as well.

“When '2 Broke Girls' premiered last fall, it immediately found its audience and appeared to us to be a perfect fit for TBS,” said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies. “With its funny and endearing lead performances, a terrific supporting cast and sharp writing, '2 Broke Girls' brings a fresh, contemporary, attitude to the classic sitcom format. We believe '2 Broke Girls is poised to enjoy a long, successful run, and we look forward to adding it to the TBS lineup.”

Groan.  '2 Broke Girls' will pick up with its second season this fall, moving to the coveted Monday 9:00 p.m. vacated by 'Two and a Half Men.'  Tell us whether or not you'll watch in the comments below!