We may have to wait all the way until next summer for the conclusion of AMC's incredible 'Breaking Bad,' but you didn't really expect Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston to stay off the warming glow of TV that long, did you? This Thursday will see the wonderful Walter White making his '30 Rock' debut as "Ron," Kenneth Parcell's erstwhile stepfather alongside his mother (Catherine O'Hara), but why wait until then when we've got the first look right here?

A testament to his talent thought it may be, it still unnerves us now and again to see Bryan Cranston back in sitcom mode. The 'Breaking Bad' veteran will make his first appearance on NBC's '30 Rock' this Thursday night with "Governor Dunston," but how easily does he shake the Walter White persona? Pretty easy as it turns out, becoming a country rube wanting to please his stepson "Kenny."

In the exclusive clip from TVLine (below), Kenneth is faced with the difficult task of introducing his mother, and reluctantly Ron to Jenna Maroney, who, in typical Jenna fashion, is too caught up in her own troubles to care.

Check out the first look at Thursday's all-new '30 Rock' featuring Bryan Cranston below, and tell us what you want to see from the episode in the comments!