We're starting to get very verklempt these days, as while our favorite TV series return left and right, for some their return marks "The Beginning of the End."  Tonight will mark the debut of the final 13 episodes of 'Fringe' in "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" whereas next week begins the final 13 episodes of '30 Rock,' beginning quite literally with "The Beginning of the End!"  The latest clip has some very frank talk between Jack and Liz, but where's the rest of the gang?

"The Beginning of the End" for '30 Rock' is nearly upon us, but no more so than in the first official clip from the October 4 premiere!  As with many '30 Rock' premieres before it, the new clip features Jack and Liz discussing what they've been up to over their respective hiatuses, from puzzles to planning, but Jack is more interested in hearing how she and Criss (Jason Marsden) have been trying to conceive!

Though they're not present in the clip, the premiere will also feature Jack developing an “unusual business strategy” for NBC, Jenna playing the part of the rampaging bride, and Hazel (Kristen Schaal) and Kenneth inviting Tracy to a dinner party at "their" apartment.

Check out the clip below of '30 Rock's return next week, and tell us what (or who) you're hoping to see from the final season in the comments!