As '30 Rock' prepares to enter its final season next week on Thursday, October 4, the spotlight turns to a number of recurring characters and celebrity guest stars likely to pop up over the course of the show's 13-episode swan song. Yesterday, we heard from Tina Fey herself that Matthew Broderick would reprise his role as "Cooter," a role not seen since the show's second season, but what other guest stars does Fey believe will make an appearance in '30 Rock' season 7?

Listen dummies, just because '30 Rock' is coming to a close this season, it doesn't mean you won't see some of your favorite characters again! Tina Fey recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the final season, as well as her career beyond '30 Rock,' revealing what past '30 Rock' stars will hopefully pop up before the show says goodbye in 13 episodes.

While she could only confirm the definite involvement of Matthew Broderick reprising his season 2 character Cooter Burger, Fey also expressed a desire to recruit Elaine Stritch (Jack's mother Colleen), Dean Winters (Liz's one-time boyfriend Dennis Duffy), as well as Will Arnett (Jack's nemesis Devon Banks). All three characters have made regular appearances over the course of the series, though Fey also hopes to bring back Michael Sheen as Liz's "settling soulmate" Wesley Snipes at some point, having broached the idea with the actor during a recent project.

Elsewhere, the final season of '30 Rock' is set to include ‘Breaking Bad‘ star Bryan Cranston and frequent Christopher Guest collaborator Catherine O’Hara as Kenneth's parents, as well as returning side-players Maulik Pancholy and Kristen Schaal.

Well, what say you? Will '30 Rock' season 7 manage to bring back all the best guest stars? Who would you like to see reprised for the final season? Don't forget to check out the season premiere "The Beginning of the End" on Thursday, October 4!