Isn’t it just a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day? When you see your neighbors put out their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, don’t you do a bit of a combo eyeroll-cringe? ‘50 Shades of Grey’ doesn’t seem to think it’s too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, and has already released its first TV spot to remind you that the holiday is approaching (in a few months), and if it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s ‘50 Shades of Grey.’

If this thing is as successful as they hope, maybe ‘50 Shades of Grey’ will be the new ‘Saw.’ Every year for seven years it was all, “If it’s Halloween, it’s ‘Saw’!” If you already hate Valentine’s Day, you might start hating it even more—unless you love the holiday and you love this film, in which case, good for you.

The first ‘50 Shades of Grey’ TV spot mostly rehashes what we saw in the second trailer, Beyoncé song and Christian Grey’s singular tastes and all, minus the helicopter and goofy plane rides, which means this TV spot is already better than the previous trailers—just by a little. The brevity of the spot also helps. There’s Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia going from innocence into the dark and mysterious and sexy world of Jamie Dornan’s Christian, with his giant piano and his giant windows and everything is huge, huge, huge because he clearly does not have a complex at all. But he does have a helicopter.

‘50 Shades of Grey,’ as the TV spot promises (or threatens) hits theaters on February 13, 2015.

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