After costing Disney a pretty penny (or millions of them) with The Lone Ranger and having his North Korea thriller with Steve Carell nixed by New Regency, Gore Verbinski has finally returned with a new film. Originally scheduled to hit theaters this year, A Cure for Wellness was pushed back to February 2017, but a pair of mysteriously creepy viral promos should get you pretty excited for The Ring director’s return to the horror genre.

The first of the two promos is made to look like a new age-y ad for medication, promising to cure the vague sickness that has consumed mankind — which seems to have something to do with capitalism and greed. The second promo, below, is a bit longer and offers a guided meditation. Both videos have a faux-soothing quality that comes off as entirely unsettling:

So what are these “ads” promoting, exactly? In the film, Dane DeHaan plays a man whose search for his missing boss leads him to a “wellness spa” in the Swiss Alps — the sort of place that would create these videos, no doubt. While there, DeHaan’s character meets the facility’s dubious director (Jason Isaacs, always keepin’ things dubious) and a longterm patient, played by Mia Goth (Nymphomaniac).

Not much else is known about A Cure for Wellness just yet — the screenplay was penned by Justin Haythe, who previously co-wrote The Lone Ranger and adapted Revolutionary Road for Sam Mendes. And in case it wasn’t immediately obvious from the videos above, Verbinski has re-teamed with cinematographer Bojan Bazelli (The Ring, The Lone Ranger) for his mysterious new film.

There is also an official website, which is just as enigmatic and oddly unnerving as the viral promos. Hopefully the first trailer will arrive soon to give us a more official look at Verbinski’s latest.

A Cure for Wellness hits theaters on February 17, 2017.

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