We're not going to say he's biased, but in all evidence John McClane (Bruce Willis) does not play well with helicopters. And in the latest clip for 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' it seems the helicopters are about to get their revenge.

McClane's anti-helicopter history is well documented. In the first film, he blew up the roof of Nakitomi Plaza and with it a supposed rescue helicopter that was trying to kill him. That said, in the second film McClane made nice with choppers as he got a ride from a nice television helicopter, but by the third film he was back to his helicopter-killing ways, as the end of the film had him taking out a helicopter using wires. And in the fourth film, he took one out with a car.

Is it too much to wonder if the helicopter in this clip is the relative of one of those other fallen helicopters? (Note: Yes it is, though that would kind of rule.) We'll know for sure when 'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens February 14, and here's that clip:

And if that's not enough to get you pumped for the return of John McClane, maybe this 'Key and Peele' clip will do it, though their version stars Bruce Willies.

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