A few days ago, we heard the delightful news that 'A Good Day to Die Hard' would receive an R-rating, which automatically gives it a leg up on the bloodless, "Yippe ki-yay, motherf****r"-less 'Live Free or Die Hard.' For all we know, the fifth adventure of John McClane and his increasingly troubled family will be terrible, but at least the character will actually be able to, you know, say his catchphrase.

The latest TV spot for the film seems to wear the R-rating as a badge of honor. Check it out below.

The spot is really a new arrangement of stuff we've seen before. Bruce Willis wisecracking and jumping throw windows and blowing things up and killing countless people in his patented Bruce Willis style. Despite the promise of an R-rating, the action still looks big and preposterously slick, more like the soulless fourth entry than the down-to-earth first film, but we won't judge too harshly until we've seen the finished product.

'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens on February 14th.

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