2013 is going to see a fascinating showdown between two movies that have a quietly complicated history. 'Scary Movie 5,' which arrives on April 12th, is the latest in a long-running horror movie parody series that was originally spearheaded by the Wayans brothers. Although the Wayans were removed from that franchise after the second film, Marlon Wayans has returned to the world of the horror spoof with 'A Haunted House,' a 'Paranormal Activity' riff that looks to be very much in line with the early 'Scary Movie' films. All of this is a very complicated way of saying that five clips from 'A Haunted House' have made their way online and that it looks like a direct challenger to the 'Scary Movie' throne...for better or worse.

Although there is certainly plenty of humor to be mined from the likes of 'Paranormal Activity,' 'A Haunted House' doesn't look...well, it doesn't look particularly funny. To be fair, 'Scary Movie 5' doesn't look like a barrel of laughs either, but the mere fact that this one is being dumped in January (a month renowned for its terrible movies) is more than enough to give us pause.

Anyway, here are five clips from the film, courtesy of Coming Soon:

'A Haunted House' opens next week. Does this film interest you at all or are you just going to wait for 'Scary Movie 5'?

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