Hey, remember when Marlon Wayans delivered an amazing performance in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream? Remember when we thought he would trade on his popularity as a comedic actor by taking dramatic risks? Anyone? Instead, Wayans (who apparently attended the Adam Sandler school of acting) is now a spoof-making monster who cannot be stopped, and his next target is Fifty Shades of Grey — oh, joy.

THR reports that Wayans is reuniting with his Haunted House director Michael Tiddes for Fifty Shades of Black — I guess the joke is that it’s Black and not Grey since Wayans is black? Or something? He also posted this teaser image on Instagram, and I’m not sure what the joke is here:

Is this one of those stereotypical jokes about penis size, or is he about to pee? Whatever he’s doing, he seems rather pleased with himself.

Fifty Shades of Black will arrive in theaters in March 2017, a month after the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. And yet, Wayans’ latest spoof project — like many spoofs before it — already feels unreasonably tardy to the party. Way too many spoof films these days are overrun with basic, obvious references, and they’re not even really references, exactly. It’s more like, “Hey, remember this thing that was popular a year ago? Here it is. Laugh at it.” There are no jokes. Just visual reminders of things that we were all talking about on Twitter last year, as if the very presence of a recognizable moment in pop culture is enough to make us laugh.

Sigh. Fifty Shades of Black is going to be a thing that happens to theaters in 2017. So there’s that.

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