Memorial Day is a time where we honor those troops who went out or are still in battle in order to protect America's freedom. But the folks over at 20th Century Fox want you to also honor those who will be protecting us from the forces of undead evil in the brand new trailer for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' 

Easily one of the coolest parts about this new trailer isn't just that we get a look at the opening of the movie but just getting a clearer sense of the vampire's goals when it comes to the country. Granted, this trailer isn't as gory as the last trailer but it still entertains.

In the intriguing re-imagining of the famed president's life, Benjamin Walker stars as our nation's sixteenth president and his secret mission to eradicate all vampires from our nation after secretly finding out that his mother was killed due to one. Not only does he have to bring our nation through one of the most brutal wars on our nation's soil (the Civil War) but he has to stop the undead menace from destroying a young America's freedom and pure existence.

Timur Bekmambetov directed the new supernatural movie which is due out in theaters on June 22, 2012. Go ahead and watch the brand new trailer below, courtesy of Coming Soon!

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