Imagine this: Aaron Paul plays a drug addict and criminal who finds a fresh direction in life thanks to a confidant and clever mentor/father figure who urges him to kick the habit and join his cause. However, this journey his new associate takes him on, while offering many rewards, may also ultimately be his downfall.

That's a rough summary of the trials of Paul's Jesse Pinkman on AMC's 'Breaking Bad', but it might also describe the character of Eddie Dean in Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' - a role that would seemingly fit the actor like a glove. But is he ready to tackle it? Find out after the break.

The obviousness of the casting is not lost on Paul, who recently commented via his Twitter page that it's a "HUGE dream" of his to play Dean; this was prompted by a follower's comment that Paul must promise to play Dean if there's ever a 'Dark Tower' film. He followed that up with a general plea to his fans: "Serious question: Who here doesn't know "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King? If you don't know it go get it now. You will thank me." It appears safe to say that he's a fan.

'Prometheus' screenwriter Damon Lindelof chimed in soon after, telling Paul that he would be "the best Eddie ever."

The road to adapt 'The Dark Tower' has been a long and strenuous one; current director Ron Howard has seen his own dream of bringing the tale of Roland of Gilead and his friends to the big - and small - screen crumble a couple of times. It's a sprawling, ambitious saga (eight books in all) on par with 'The Lord of the Rings', and would necessitate several movies to tell in full. At the moment, it's unclear what the project's future is, but at last glance, things weren't looking up.

As for the Aaron Paul-Eddie Dean scenario, it's almost too perfect. (Aside from the fact that when Dean is introduced he's in his early 20s, while Paul is currently 33.) He'd be playing a sarcastic drug addict struggling with his past while managing a strained relationship with a man who saves his life one day and nearly destroys it the next. Paul has had ample practice with that kind of part, but should he really take on another so similar to it?

What do you think? Would Aaron Paul be the ideal Eddie Dean?