We have G.I. Joe, we have James Bond, but what if we had both of those things… at the same time? Action Man, Britain’s answer to Hasbro’s G.I. Joe action figures, is, at last, coming to theaters in a feature film of his own.

Deadline reports that James Bobin, of Alice Through the Looking Glass and two Muppets movies, is directing the film, which is being written by Simon Farnaby, who previously worked on Mindhorn and Paddington 2, and for all intents and purposes should have been chained to his desk until he finishes Paddington 3. But anyway. Both Mindhorn and Paddington 2 are hilarious in their own ways (Mindhorn is available on Netflix!) so it looks like this will definitely be a comedy.

Paramount and Hasbro just signed a deal a few months ago that will see the two studios working together for the next five years, and we already have release dates for G.I. Joe, Dungeons and Dragons, and Micronauts movies scheduled until 2021, which still doesn‘t sound like a real year.

Neither studio is commenting on the Action Man news, and the movie doesn‘t have a prospective release date in place, but perhaps we’ll hear more about that when a cast and a story are ironed out in the next few months.

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