Though Adam McKay is deep into writing 'Anchorman 2,' we've just found out that he's in the running to remake 'Uptown Saturday Night.' The original starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby, and for the remake they're talking about getting Will Smith and Denzel Washington.

The original is the perfect sort of film to remake. It's not that great, but it's got a good hook. Cosby and Poitier play two middle class guys who sneak out for the night to go to a gambling den, only for the place to be robbed. But it turns out that one of them had a winning lottery ticket in their taken wallet. Adventure follows. McKay seems like the right guy to give this some good comic set pieces.

And one hopes they get their dream cast. Denzel Washington used to be funny and sexy, and it's been a while since he's played someone more relaxed, and forced to improvise. And we know that Will Smith is funny, but this would be a good role for his to cut looser than his tired schtick in 'Men in Black III.' And between that and his film with M. Night Shyamalan, a good silly comedy might remind people why they made Will Smith such a star. This news comes from Deadline.