A new poster for next year's science fiction epic 'After Earth' has emerged and our first thought is that it looks a heckuva lot like the poster for 'Oblivion,' another sci-fi epic hitting theaters next year. The similarities don't end there -- both films are headlined by major movie stars, both are helmed by directors who really need a hit and both take place on desolated future versions of Earth. But enough of that! Check out the poster below!

The poster is pretty much exactly what you'd expect about a movie where a young man is stranded on an hostile and mysterious planet. The poster depicts Jaden Smith (who actually has top billing over his father!) standing atop a wrecked spaceship and staring into the jungle...which is presumably home to all kinds of things that want to kill and eat him.

What's noticeably missing from the poster is the name of the man in the director's seat: M. Night Shyamalan. After a handful of great movies, the filmmaker has spent much of the past decade existing as an egotistical walking joke ('Lady in the Water'), an incompetent storyteller ('The Happening') and the mutilator of fine source material ('The Last Airbender'), so it's no surprise that his involvement is being underplayed. Could this be his last chance at redemption? Perhaps. If a Will Smith movie can't save him, nothing can.

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