The fans have spoken! The polls for ScreenCrush’s 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards are officially closed, and when it comes to the Worst Movie of 2013, 'After Earth' takes home the gold.

The nominees for the 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards were curated by ScreenCrush’s trusty editors, and the winners were chosen by movie and TV fans in a lengthy voting period that began on January 6 and finished February 11. Fans were allowed to vote up to once per hour per category.

'After Earth' was one of the biggest disasters of 2013, though '47 Ronin' was pretty bad. The film was the latest from M. Night Shyamalan and starred Will Smith and son Jaden Smith in a sci-fi tale following a father and son who crash land on Earth, which in the future has become too deadly for the human population.

Thanks to everyone who voted in ScreenCrush’s 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards! Check out the full list of nominees for Worst Movie of 2013 below.

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