It wasn’t terribly long ago we learned Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression would expand from SNL to “other venues,” but where Will Ferrell’s “W.” went to Broadway, Baldwin is going to print. He and Kurt Andersen will develop a satirical memoir of Trump’s “Really Tremendous” first 100 days, with Baldwin reading the audiobook.

Penguin Press confirm (via The New York Times) that Baldwin and former Spy magazine editor Kurt Andersen (AKA the man behind “short-fingered vulgarian”) will collaborate on You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump, eyed for publication in November. Baldwin will read the audiobook and aid in shaping the tone, as the SNL vet explained:

I think it’s fair to say that Kurt will do most of the writing. We have that arrangement whereby he doesn’t put on the wig, I don’t open up a Word document.

Check out the cover art:

Alec Baldwin Trump Memoir
Penguin Publishing

And said Andersen of the project:

I think we’ll be channeling and amplifying the real Trump. Writing for a five- or 10-minute sketch is different than writing a book, which has to be a narrative … It’ll be sharp. I’m going to start talking like Trump: It’ll be great! It’ll be fantastic! But it will be sharp. It won’t just be fun-loving.

For his part, Baldwin hoped “There will be a moment when this will be over, when Trump will fade into ignominy and take with him his ability to outstrip satire.” In the meantime, we’ll see when his next SNL return might be, if not this Saturday with Octavia Spencer.

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