Though the 'Mad Men' episode "Dark Shadows" aired a number of weeks ago, and certainly isn't the most recent shocker to come from the series of late, many people are still talking about Alexis Bledel's risque turn as adulterous housewife Beth.  Not so much that everyone's favorite 'Gilmore Girl' has popped up on 'Mad Men,' of course, but rather now much she almost popped out!  Who's still talking about it, you ask?  How about 'Gilmore Girls' series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino?

Certainly a marked turn for the former Lorelei Gilmore, Alexis Bledel's appearance on 'Mad Men' episode "Dark Shadows" certainly raised more than a few eyebrows.  The character debuted in episode 8 "Lady Lazarus," but also popped up in the subsequent episode when Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) fantasized about her showing up to the office in nothing but a fur coat and a string of pearls.

While speaking to TVLine in promotion of her new series 'Bunheads,' former 'Gilmore Girls' show-runner Amy Sherman-Palladino recently spoke out about Bledel's turn from her more wholesome image, saying:

I bet a lot of [Gilmore fans] were traumatized.  You have to admit – they were good boobs. And they were real. And very nicely shaped. If I had t–s like that I would walk around with no shirt on, I’m going to be very honest. So I would say to Alexis, ‘Never put your shirt on again.’

I think she’s gone into brave territory for herself, because that’s not a zone that Alexis is comfortable with.  She just put herself right out there, and God love her.

'Mad Men' wraps up its fifth season this Sunday with "The Phantom," so it remains unknown if Bledel will make any kind of additional appearance, considering how notoriously-spoiler-tight creator Matthew Weiner keeps things.  After all, Weiner doesn't like to just leave things hanging.

What say you?  Were you shocked by the image of good-girl-gone-bad Alexis Bledel?  Got any theories on how that coat stayed so strategically placed?  Tell us what you thought in the comments below!