Somewhere in a California mansion, Will Smith is laughing maniacally as he signs the checks from 'Men in Black 3,' and gazes over his Hollywood kingdom while taking a deep spiritual peace in the life he's led, the children he's raised, and the cinematic memories he's created.  Suddenly, Tom Jones' music could be heard in the distance, and Will knew that Alfonso Ribeiro had eclipsed his legacy forever.

Stop everything, Planet Earth.  While Will Smith made $3 million dollars in the time it took you to read this clause, his former 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' co-star Alfonso Ribeiro may have changed history itself by leading our great nation in a coast-to-coast rendition of his famous "Carlton Dance," set to the swingin' sounds of that cool cat Tom Jones.  And you thought your life held meaning before.

This monumental occasion first began in Hollywood's Universal Studios City Walk, where Banks Ribeiro began his famous dance, before being joined by the surrounding mob, and dancing to a medley off songs that also included the famous "Apache" dance also popularized by 'The Fresh Prince.'

Far from pure glorious spontaneity of course, the nation-wide dance was staged as part of an effort to break the record for the largest simultaneous flash-mob in North America, with similar groups performing the dance around the country at the same time.  As awestruck as we are at such a momentous event, it remains unknown if their effort to break the record was successful.

Somewhere, we have to assume Will Smith openly weeps for fear of his lost fame, and his heart having been overwhelmed by sheer beauty.

Observe ViSalus' coverage of the glorious dance below, and know that it's not unusual to cry.