Rhys Ifans, who recently played The Lizard in 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' has just been cast in 'Alice in Wonderland 2' as the father of Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter, even though Ifans is four years Depp's junior. The magic of cinema!

This news comes from The Wrap, and he'll be playing Zanik Hightopp who's defining characteristic is his bright colored hair, which he cannot hide under a chapeau. We reported previously that stage actor Mark Rylance was in the running for the movie, but it appears the production went in another direction.

Ifans broke out in 1997 when he made 'Twin Town' with his brother Llyr and has been working steadily ever since (perusing his resume highlights an odd career that includes 'Notting Hill,' 'Little Nicky,' and 'Hannibal Rising'). More recently he's taken a recurring role on the CBS Sherlock Holmes series 'Elementary.'

As for 'Alice in Wonderland 2,' it will be directed by 'Muppets' helmer James Bobin, and will star Depp alongside Mia Wasikowska and Helena Bonham Carter, who will be reprising their roles as Alice and the Red Queen, while Sacha Baron Cohen (who previously worked with Bobin on ‘Da Ali G Show’) will play a villain named Time. The film is set to hit theaters May 27, 2016.

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