This new set photo from Alien: Covenant isn’t going to blow you away, unless you’re particularly fond of images in which directors do what they do best — you know, direct. But it does give us a blurry, slightly-out-of-focus look at Michael Fassbender, lurking in the background while Ridley Scott calls the shots. And it gives us a new photo to use in articles about Ridley Scott. We all win here.

The new photo appeared on the official Alien: Covenant Facebook page, and features Scott explaining…something…to the cast and crew, while Fassbender — reprising his role as the synthetic David — lurks in the background. I say “lurk” both affectionately and because it’s the only way to describe this posture:

Facebook / 20th Century Fox

Here’s what we know of the Prometheus sequel / Alien prequel so far: Katherine Waterston plays Daniels, the captain of a new derelict crew (as if there are any other types of crews in the Alien universe) that stumbles upon a seemingly uncharted paradise. But upon further exploration, the crew makes an unnerving discovery when they realize that David is the planet’s only inhabitant.

A recent rumor (and major potential spoiler) suggested that Waterston’s character has a deeper connection to the Alien franchise, while Scott has said that his planned prequels — plural — will show the evolution of the Xenomorph and will feature every type from egg to face hugger to Queen. The director is also going for an R rating for the new prequel / sequel.

Joining Waterston and Fassbender for the latest installment are Danny McBride, Demian Bichir, Billy Crudup, Jussie Smollett and Amy Seimetz. Alien: Covenant hits theaters on August 4, 2017.