Ridley Scott is currently filming Alien: Covenant in Australia, and while we have yet to see the first official image from the upcoming Prometheus sequel, Michael Fassbender has been offering up a few ideas of what we can expect — mostly in terms of production design, which he’s compared to Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner. But some new set photos have popped up online to give us our first real look at Covenant, and they are somewhat unnerving.

You may want to consider these photos as potentially spoiler-ish, so proceed with caution.

The Daily Mail published a series of images taken from the set, which feature a fairly horrific scene evocative of Pompeii. Bodies appear frozen in place as the result of some mysterious event that wiped them all out where they stood. They seem to have turned to stone, with some of them crawling, wailing, or engaged in physical altercations:

The massacre has taken place near a temple that’s covered in hieroglyphs or similar foreign text — probably alien, for sure. Is this the planet discovered by the new derelict crew led by Katherine Waterston’s character? Or is this part of a flashback sequence similar to the one that opened Prometheus? That’s not immediately clear, but if this scene is set in Covenant’s “present,” perhaps the carnage is the result of Fassbender’s dangerously mischievous synthetic David.

Covenant centers on a crew that stumbles upon a seemingly uncharted paradise, but once they touch down on the planet, they soon realize that its only inhabitant is David. Fassbender and Waterston are joined by Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Empire’s Jussie Smollett, Amy Seimetz and Carmen Ejogo in the Alien prequel / Prometheus sequel, which hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

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