In space… no one can hear your crackly John Denver records. The timeless country standard “Take Me Home, Country Road” provides an eerie soundtrack for the latest peek at Ridley Scott’s long-time-coming Alien prequel Covenant. Over some rather breathtaking shots of a hostile, foreign world (no offense, New Zealand), we hear the familiar ode to the beauty of the American South, contrasting the harsh new climate with mental pictures of the gentle, rolling hills of West Virginia. Things get progressively creepier as the Xenomorph descends on our motley crew of intergalactic colonists, scaling their spacecraft and trying to get at the humans inside like they’re the filling of a delicious meaty empanada.

But there’s some subtler meaning to be mined from this spot in particular, as our pals at Uproxx have already noted. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, the intrepid explorer portrayed by Noomi Rapace in Scott’s prequel film Prometheus, makes a surprising appearance in this trailer. We see Katherine Waterston’s Daniels discover Dr. Shaw’s lost dog tags in one shot, and in another scene we see a glitchy hologram reproduction of the woman before a tentacle appears to impale her. Things don’t appear to be going so hot for Dr. Shaw, and it’s possible that the memory of her will have a greater presence in the film than the actual character.

Either way, this remains a sublimely chilling tease for the film due May 19. We’re seeing a more violent, erratic, frenzied sort of Xenomorph, one that will hopefully make for an even more terrifying experience than what’s come before. Take us home, alien road, and take a gander at the new U.K. poster for the film below:

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

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