Big changes are scary in any relationship — it’s hard not to be insecure when the person you love is growing, because you can’t help but worry that they’ll outgrow you. That insecurity is at the heart of All I See Is You’s doozy of a premise: a woman blind from birth undergoes an experimental procedure that restores her sight, and realizes that she’s unwittingly been smokin’ hot the entire time. Suddenly, life is her oyster, particularly in the well-heeled suitors department, and her dutiful husband starts to get a little uneasy about his wife’s new prospects. It could be a blackly comic sketch just as easily as a dark psycho-thriller. (It’s that second one.)

Blake Lively brings the requisite good looks to a role in no small way hinging upon them, slowly gaining her sight and learning just how much better she could have it. Her jealous lover is Jason Clarke, obsessing over every man Lively makes miraculous new eye contact with. Lively’s character has landed in a tricky no-win situation: where it was once unimportant that she find a proportionately hot mate, that’s now a pretty sizable concern for her, and who could blame her? But her bond to her more normal-looking spouse has time on its side — will she really throw it all away just to score someone more handsome?

The trailer poses some uncomfortable questions about superficiality and appearances, but also forges into more hostile, abstract territory hinted by surreal nightmare imagery. When the film comes to theaters on October 27, audiences may have to get into some awkward conversations with their dates too. There’s no can of worms quite as distinctly unpleasant to open as “Would you still be with me even if you could have someone much hotter?”

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