Sunday has always been a big night for TV, and last night was no exception.  Not only was it a big episode for 'Game of Thrones,' 'Mad Men,' or even 'The Killing,' but last night also saw CBS making up for the end of 'The Good Wife's third season in a big way, by bringing us closure on the 20th season of 'The Amazing Race!'  But who were the big winners?

Major Dan Brown, Jr., and his wife Rachel!  Setting the record for the most race legs won in a single season at eight, Army wife and combat pilot Rachel and Dave defied their odds and valiantly took the last leg of the race, learning in the process that "It's a Great Place to Become Millionaires."  Coming in second were Border Patrol agents Art and JJ, followed by former 'Big Brother' stars Brendon and Rachel.  Maybe you'd best stick to indoor reality, kids.

Rachel and Dave's win capped off a roller coaster ride for the couple during the final episode, which saw the couple missing both the train and ferry to Mariaja island, arguing with one another through the Sumo Detour challenge, though winning a trip for two to New Zealand in the process!  Things from there only went further downhill, literally, as the couple had to go back and complete a downhill-sloping Road Block challenge, after accidentally blowing past it to the finish line!

Amazingly, the couple still managed to be the ones to make it back to the finish line, despite their earlier retread!  Exciting stuff.  Onward, to season 21!

What did you think?  Did Rachel and Dave deserve to be the winners, or would you rather another team have taken the grand prize?  Give us your picks, and hopes for next season in the comments below!