Have you had enough teases courtesy of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' yet? Hopefully not, because Sony has released two new clips from the upcoming superhero adventure, both highlighting the villain of the film: Rhys Ifans' Dr. Curt Conners, AKA, The Lizard.

The first clip is a shot featurette on the character featuring a wide range of talking heads, from Ifans to director to Marc Webb to the special effects guys who were tasked with brining the entirely CGI villain to life. The featurette goes out of its way to emphasize Conners' humanity and noble intentions, which make his ultimate transformation into a raging reptillian monster all the more tragic.

More importantly, this clip reveals something about the character that we're pretty sure we haven't seen before: he talks post-transformation! Seeing Ifans' voice coming out of that giant, hulking creature is a surreal sight, for sure.

The second video is a full clip from the movie, a scene that was teased in the featurette. A group of students, including Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker, are visiting Dr. Conners' lab and they learn exactly what he studies. The scene manages to function as an introduction to Conners while supplying a few cute moments for Garfield and Emma Stone.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' opens on July 3rd.

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