AMC will very likely have some holes in its schedule to fill over the next few years, what with 'Breaking Bad' coming to a close this summer and 'Mad Men' due to end after its seventh season. And with the phenomenal success of 'The Walking Dead,' the network seems to have the foothold its needs for making major steps in genre programming. Along that line, AMC has begun development of an adaptation of Dan Simmons' supernatural period piece 'The Terror,' with horror legend Ridley Scott in the executive producer's chair, but will 'The Terror' really live up to its name?

Don't look now, but AMC may have another major supernatural hit on its hands when 'The Terror' comes about in the near future. Deadline reveals that the cable network has begun development on the supernatural period piece, which follows an 1847 Royal Naval expedition to find the Arctic’s treacherous Northwest Passage, and endangers the region and its native people forever.

The adaptation of the 2007 novel will be written by feature writer David Kajganich, who executive produces along with Scott Free’s David Zucker and Ridley Scott, TV 360′s Scott Lambert and Meghan Lyvers, Alexandra Milchan and original author Dan Simmons.

What do you think? Could 'The Terror' be the next buzz-worthy drama on AMC? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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